How to combat Postpartum Shedding

How to combat Postpartum Shedding

Hey ladies! I’m here to talk about postpartum shedding. If you happen to be one of God’s favorites that don’t or didn’t have to deal with this problem, congratulations lol. No but seriously, there’s still good information in this post that can either help you with regular shedding or you can pass it along to a friend like me that has to deal with it.

First things first let’s talk about the cause of postpartum shedding. Once we deliver our little bundle of joy our bodies are going to go through a lot of changes. Postpartum shedding usually starts around month 3 postpartum and peaks at month 4 or 5. It’s caused by dropping estrogen levels. While we are pregnant our estrogen levels are higher than normal to support our little bundle growing and that causes our hair to stay in the growing phase (hence the luscious pregnancy locks). Once our baby is born our bodies start leveling out our hormone levels and our hair goes into the resting phase. Around 3 months postpartum our hair goes into the shedding phase. It seems like a lot of hair, but it’s only because our hair hasn’t been shedding during pregnancy. I’ve been using my hair crème to keep moisture in my hair, and I’ve been doing a braid out, so I don’t have to manipulate my hair too much. I wouldn’t recommend box braids during this time (maybe knotless would be ok due to less tension on the roots) or any style that would put a lot of tension on your roots or edges. I’ve also been taking my prenatal vitamin, eating somewhat healthy (I’m also nursing) and I’m using products that have ingredients that reduce shedding normally.   You could also try a DIY hair mask with ingredients that help reduce hair shedding. What did you use to combat postpartum shedding? What type of protective styles did you do? Let me know in the comments below.


Happy Hair Growth! <3

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